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Using Rebrandable Content To Grow Your Business

Tips on Modifying Reseller Rights Content

In an ideal situation, the content you publish online can’t be found anywhere else. You have a few options for ensuring the originality of your content:

  • Write it from scratch
  • Hire a writer to do it for you
  • Buy PLR and turn it into something unique

The first option is very time-consuming. It can take a while to write your own articles, even if you’re good at it. And, if you’re not, it can seem like an impossible task.

The second choice is expensive. Custom articles from an expert writer can cost significantly more than you’d pay for food blogger plr. Quality articles can sell for $30 or more apiece.

The third choice is ideal for busy online marketers like you. When you buy high-quality plr, you’ll get content that’s written by pros at a fraction of the price. However, it’s cheap for a reason: Others are buying the same thing. That’s why it’s important to learn how to customize or rewrite done for you coaching content.

Isn’t It a Great Deal of Work?

It can seem like a lot of work to rewrite PLR content, especially if you aren’t a natural writer. However, it’s possible if you follow a few guidelines. Below I’ve included a few tips for rewriting master resale rights products. Keep them in mind and you’ll turn out relevant rewrites that your readers (and the search engines) will love. If you’re not sure what is plr, you should learn it right away as it can save you lots of time in your content marketing efforts.

Remember That You’re Writing Web Content

People read web content differently than they’d read the same thing written on paper. I won’t go into the reasons here, but it’s important for you to remember this as you rework your PLR content and master resale rights ebooks. Users come to your website because they’re looking for something in particular, and it’s your job to help them find what they need. Make it easy for readers to get in, find what they want, and get out.

Web Visitors are Scanners

When a visitor lands on one of your sales funnel PLR pieces, they won’t read every word in a methodical fashion. Rather, they’ll read the title and first sentence. If it catches their attention, they may move down the page, pausing at images, headers and bullet points. When you rewrite your content, include the most important info in the article’s title and the first sentence. The other option is to look out for a ready made sales funnel in your niche, this could save you loads of time and outsourcing costs.

White Space is Important

When web text is crammed in with few page breaks, readers tend to leave. They simply won’t stay around and wade through a wall of text to get the info they need. Instead, they’ll move on to something that’s easier to read. During PLR rebranding, spread text out with shorter paragraphs, bullet points and ample space around graphics and images. Be sure to looking for free rebrandable content like these free health PLR articles, because it can save you lots of money from having articles written or save time from having to write them yourself.

Change Up the Title

This is vital, because the title is one of the first things a visitor reads. You only have a second or two to get their attention, and you shouldn’t make the title any longer than necessary. Tell the reader what the article’s all about, and personalize it with words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ wherever possible.

Once you’ve customized a few articles for inclusion on your website and in your PLR training courses, you’ll find that it gets easier each time. From here, you can develop your own system for making PLR content unique.